Ultra Marathon

6 day running event that winds its way through mysterious subterranean cities built thousands of years ago, a spectacular landscapes filled with rock formations and ruins that bring history to life and create a mystical atmosphere  transforming this multi-day, self-assisted ultra marathon into a an incredible, epic adventure.

The smell of earth surrounds you as you are greeted by the famous rocks known as the Three Beauties, as you pass through the vast shadow of Mount Erciyes and run along the never-ending whiteness of protected Lake Tuz (Salt Lake)… Being there... Challenging life at that place where thousands of years of human history interlace...

This is a challenging route exceeding 125 miles (200 kilometers) in desert heat.  Are you in?

Everyone in Run Fire Cappadocia Ultra Marathon will be accommodated under the stars inside traditional Turkish tents.  Purified drinking water and hot water will be supplied to contestants during the contest at the camp areas. A highly skilled medical and Search & Rescue team will accompany participants throughout the entire event.


The application fee includes;

Transportation when needed during the marathon
Medical check up a day before the marathon
Dinner at first base camp
Healtcare service
Emergency Service
Tent, WC, shower at main camps
Water (@CPs and main camps, hot water also available)- Every 10 km there will be a Check Point booth
Tracking device (it will be given to all runners. It is a device that we can follow runners through satellite signals. It has also an emergency button)
Pass for ancient cities

Click here for the rules and conditions of the contest